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Our Mission

To provide quality educational experiences to enable all students to reach their full potential and become healthy, responsible, productive citizens and lifelong learners.


The Mt. Vernon R-5 School District is fully accredited by the State of Missouri.


Received a 99.5% rating on DESE Annual Performance Report for 2015-16 school year.


Mt. Vernon High School is a designated A+ School.


Mt. Vernon Middle School received the honor of being a Gold Star School.



The Mount Vernon R-V School Board Meeting held its regular meeting on Thursday, May 25.  Below are some items of interest:


  • Several items were discussed during the Superintendent's Reports:
    • Mount Vernon Schools have been in contact with the city of Mount Vernon regarding access to Blaze Street which runs on the north side of the Elementary School campus.
      • The city is considering allowing the school access to the street in order to improve traffic during drop-off and pick-up.
      • The District is considering a few improvements to the street and its surroundings to improve safety and expedite the process of arrival and dismissal.
      • The city of Mount Vernon will consider this request during its June meetings.
    • Each year after the completion of Spring sports, the Big 8 Conference releases its All-Sports Standings.
      • The Conference calculates a ranking based on the finish of sports teams in which all members compete.
      • For the first time since 2006-07 Mount Vernon finished first in this ranking!
      • Congratulations to Mr. Johnston and our coaches and athletes for this well-deserved honor!
    • The Board was updated on the location of our Early Childhood Special Education Cooperative.
      • For several years, we have rented a building from the city to house this program on the campus of 600 North Main at the corner of Highway 174.
      • In anticipation of potential budget cuts to Early Childhood Special Education, the District decided to moved this program to the Elementary School campus as a cost-cutting measure.
      • This move will take effect to begin the 2017-18 school year.
    • Each Administrator reported to the Board on the first week of our Summer School Program.  Enrollment is strong at each campus and the new schedule has been well received.
    • Finally, Mr. Cook reported to the Board on Bullying/Harassment statistics from the past school year.
      • A requirement of HB 1583 passed last year, schools were required to track and address reports of bullying and harassment in specific timeframes.
      • To this end, Principals used an Incident Report Form to ensure bullying reports were addressed in a timely and effective fashion.
      • Our statistics from this past year indicated all our reported issues were resolved through one intervention (student conference or discipline).
  • Tamara Violett reported to the Board on the results of the annual Salary/Welfare Survey of teachers and staff.
    • Results of the survey were consistent with past results indicating similar priorities for employees.
      • Continuation of 100% Board paid insurance was the top priority for both groups.
      • Movement on the salary schedule ranked second for teachers and third for classified staff. 
      • Support staff ranked an increase to the hourly wage as their second-most pressing issue.
    • The Salary/Welfare package for the 2017-18 Budget will be proposed to the Board at the June meeting.
  • The Board voted unanimously to add a stipend for a Vocal Music Assistant Sponsor.
    • Interest and participation in the Show Choir Program has grown consistently over the past five years.
    • For the past two years more than 80 students have auditioned.  This led to the formation of a second competitive Show Choir.
    • The plan for next year is a 50 student Varsity Show Choir and 27 in a Junior Varsity Show Choir.
  • The Assistant position will help with supervision of festivals as well as before and after school practices.
  • In Closed Session the Board made the decisions:
    • Summer School Staff was officially hired.
    • The following retirements/resignations were approved:
      • Regina Tebow is retiring from her Title I position at Mount Vernon Elementary after 31 years serving our students.
      • James Fitzgeralds resigned as Special Education Teacher and Middle School Football Coach. 
      • Jeff Pipenbrink resigned as a Special Education Paraprofessional and High School Football Coach. 
      • Charolette Rodgers  retired from her Special Education Paraprofessional position.
      • Miranda Dawson resigned from her Special Education Paraprofessional position.
      • Megan Rutledge is resigning as half-time secretary in the A+/Curriculum Director Office. 
    • The following teacher/staff hires were approved:
      • Lynne Cowherd was hired for a High School English position.
      • Ammie Rinker was hired as a part-time secretary to the A+/Curriculum Director.
      • Welcome aboard to the newest Mountaineers!
    • The following coaching hires were approved:
      • Laurel Cook was approved as the new Head Coach for Coquettes
      • Laura Hazelton and Lydia Richardson were approved as co-coaches for the Middle School Cheer Squad.


The next regular meeting of the Mount Vernon R-V School Board will be on Thursday, June 22nd at 7:30 in the Middle School Board Room.