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July 2021 School Board Meeting
Posted 7/23/21

On Thursday, July 22 the Mount Vernon R-V Board of Education held its Regular Meeting.  Below are some items of interest:


The Annual Tax Levy Hearing was scheduled for Thursday, August 19 at 7:30 PM just prior to the next Regular Meeting of the Board.


Susan Buffington, retired MVHS Art Teacher, was present to help recognize some of our outstanding artists from the 2019-2020 school year. 

  • As you know, due to the outbreak of COVID that spring, our students missed receiving their recognition as part of Youth Art Month in March 2020. 
  • Mrs. Buffington brought Grace Bushman and Danielle Jackson to the meeting. 
  • Also recognized were Lorena Farrell and Tisa McQuitty who were unable to attend in person. 
  • Great job ladies and thanks to Mrs. Buffington for organizing the recognition!


Mr. Cook provided an update on the progress of maintenance projects going on around the District which are outside the scope of the work being done by CTS.  There are multiple projects at the Middle School and High School which are nearing completion.


The floor of Carson Gym was sanded down and refinished (for the first time since 1996!) and it looks amazing.


The Middle School FACS Room received a new floor (due to settling on the north end of the campus), new plumbing, and new cabinetry.


The Middle School office is moving across the hall to Room 10 and the walls, electrical, and HVAC are up and running.


At the High School, the conference room has become an office for the new counselor and a reception area for the department.


Also, the aging wooden bleachers in the gym have been replaced with new bleachers.



Jeremy Shivers from CTS reported on the other projects around the District. 

  • The Early Learning Center is scheduled to open on Monday, August 2 barring any unforeseen complications. 
  • The parking lot is finished and striped as of yesterday and additional grading work is taking place today (Friday) and into early next week. 
  • The playground is also complete.
  • See attached presentation for images.


The news at the High School is not quite as positive. 

  • When replacement of the ground source system began, there was one major concern which could have negatively impacted the schedule for completion:  delivery of equipment. 
  • Unfortunately, this situation has contributed to a delay in completion. 
  • The new units which are being fabricated to replace the old units are delayed and will not arrive until August 4. 
  • Mr. Shivers has created a new schedule to reflect this delay which anticipates a completion date of August 20 for all the units in classroom areas. 
  • The larger units, such as the gym and cafeteria areas, will have to be installed after the beginning of school. 
  • We are grateful to CTS for providing temporary cooling in these large gathering areas over the course of the summer and into the school year until the project is completed. 
  • As you will see in the images included in the attached presentation, there was a huge amount of sediment flowing through the piping and units which had greatly compromised the entire system. 
  • So even though we will be biting our nails hoping the project is completed before the first day of school, the likelihood of a complete system failure has made the risk worthwhile.

The High School and Middle School are planning to offer an array of virtual courses to students through the MVS (Mountaineer Virtual School) platform in 2021-22. In order to compensate teachers for the effort put into administering these virtual courses, we have collaborated with the STEPS Committee chairperson to use the existing framework in accomplishing this goal.


The Board approved the following changes to the STEPS Program:

  • 1-5 Students would automatically qualify teachers for Stage II of STEPS.
  • $750 / semester
  • $1,500 / year
  • 6 Students or more would automatically qualify teachers for Stage III of STEPS.
  • $1,250 / semester
  • $2,500 / year


In accordance with Board Policy DG, the Board released an RFP to solicit bids to serve as the Depository of Funds for the District.

  • Bids will be due to the office by August 13.
  • The sealed bid-opening will take place prior to the August Regular Meeting and the Board will approve a three-year contract, with the option of extending two additional years, at the August Regular Meeting.

Due to the retirement of our Data Coordinator, there are two duties previously covered by that position for which the Board approved the use of a stipend.

  • The first responsibility would include the management of our School Messenger account.
  • We plan to expand the use of this system to create subaccounts for all coaches and co-curricular sponsors to use as a platform to communicate with their students.
  • We are also planning to purchase Tyler Pulse as an additional module for our student information system and will need assistance in setup and implementation of this program.
  • Tyler Pulse is a data analytics tool that acts as a central repository, combining and transforming data from multiple databases into usable, accessible information.
  • This will be particularly helpful in our biannual OCR Report and to make informed decisions about student needs and achievement.

The Board approved a new pay structure for Substitute Teachers in the District.  For the past few years we have paid $80 per day which has fallen behind other area schools.  The Board voted in the following provisions for subs next year:


  • $100 per day for substitute teachers
  • $110 per day for substitutes who are retired Mount Vernon Teachers
  • $20 per class/hour for each class covered by a faculty member when a teacher vacancy goes unfilled by a substitute

Even though all first meals will again be provided for free next year, the Board approved $0.10 increases to meal prices for students who purchase a second meal.


And, finally, admission prices to all events were kept at the same rate for the 11th consecutive year.


In Closed Executive Session:


Savanna Branton was hired for a vacant First Grade position at MVES. 

  • This will be Ms. Branton’s first teaching position. 
  • She is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University and completed her student teaching last Spring in Shawnee, OK.

The next scheduled meeting of the Mount Vernon R-V Board of Education will be on Thursday, August 19 at 7:30 in the District Office Board Room.