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January 2023 School Board Meeting
Posted 1/20/23

The Mount Vernon R-V Board of Education held its Regular Meeting on Thursday, January 19.  Below are some items of interest:


The Board recognized Khelon Hayes as the MV-MVP for the month of January.  Mr. Hayes is a Science Teacher at the High School. 


Below is the text of his nomination:

In all the years I have been at Mt. Vernon, Coach Hayes has been a teacher who consistently has had a positive attitude towards teaching and working with all students. There have been students who have behavior and academic problems and Coach Hayes works with them as hard as the top flyers in the school. I have never heard him say anything negative about the school or students. 


Students request to be in his class when we do schedules. He does not just lecture and give assignments and tests. Coach Hayes does experiments and makes learning fun for the students. He also cares about the individual students and how they are doing in their personal lives. 


Coach Hayes is always fair and consistent with Special Education students but also expects that they work hard. He will accommodate the students’ IEP needs but requires that they put forth the effort….he is so consistent in the way he teaches. He is an excellent Educator. 


Other group nominees for the month of January are as follows:


Early Learning Center
Amanda Boettler – ECSE


Intermediate School        
Rebecca DeLay - Special Education


Middle School                         
April McBaine - Vocal Music


Jeanna Engler - MVES
Support Staff                   
Lindsay Cornell - MVHS

Congratulations to Mr. Hayes and all the other nominees for the great work being done to support the students of Mount Vernon!


The Board also had the opportunity to recognize Chris Johnston who was recently recognized as the Missouri Interscholastic Athletic Administrators’ Association Athletic Director of the Year for the Southwest Region. 

  • Mr. Johnston will have an opportunity to be named AD of the Year for the state of Missouri as those recognized across the state in their respective regions will now compete for the overall recognition.

The Board received two Average Daily Attendance reports. 

  • First was the seated ADA for the month of December.  Not surprisingly, our attendance percentage in December was quite low at 82.16%.  ADA was still up 70 students from this time last year but down slightly from the ADA in November.
Dec Seated ADA 2022-23 2021-22 2020-21 2019-20
























































  • The second report was more promising.  With the completion of first semester, the District was able to calculate the cumulative ADA which included both seated attendance as well as students who completed virtual coursework.  This number was 1,360.48, up 27 students from this time last year.

The filing deadline for School Board Election sign-up ended on December 27. 

  • The District has three terms expiring and the three incumbents were the only candidates to register. 
  • As a result, the District will not be required to hold elections this spring and Justin Bellis, John Cowherd, and Jeremy Pendleton will begin new three-year terms which expire in the spring of 2026.

The Board heard a presentation from representatives of the Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) program. 

  • Although this program was founded over 40 years ago, it has just recently taken off in southwest Missouri. 
  • JAG is a multifaceted program designed to keep young people in school through graduation and improve their success rates in education and career by providing them with a comprehensive set of skills. 
  • Discussion of the addition of JAG at the high school level has taken off during CSIP discussions and the District will be evaluating the possibility of its addition for the 23-24 school year. 
  • See the attached presentation for additional information.

Building administrators presented on the numerous Benchmark Assessment tools in use across the District. 

  • This was a very timely presentation as a follow-up to last month’s presentation on state summative assessment data. 
  • The Board was able to hear about the various ways teachers are measuring student achievement and tailoring instruction to best meet the needs of students who are struggling in specific objectives. 
  • See the attached presentation for additional information.

The Board approved a new ECSE classroom for the Early Learning Center to be opened at the start of the 23-24 school year. 

  • This will be the 5th ECSE class at the ELC and the 7th Pre-K classroom overall. 
  • The addition of this class puts the ELC at full capacity and marks the culmination of 7 years of hard work.  

Without even considering the addition of another classroom, the ELC is already one of the finest programs in southwest Missouri serving the third most Pre-K students in the Big 8 Conference despite our K-12 enrollment ranking 11th as compared to that group. 


Congratulations to the staff of the ELC on the outstanding efforts put forth every day to prepare our students for success!


Numerous other teachers, support staff, and administrators have contributed to the prioritization of early learning in our District to accomplish this goal and we have much to be proud of as we watch the inspirational success of so many of our youngest students!


  Pre-K Enrollment K-12 Enrollment Pre-K As a % of Overall Enrollment
Mount Vernon 117 (3rd) 1,438 (11th) 8.1%
Seneca 102 (5th) 1,460 (10th) 6.9%
Marshfield 187 (2nd) 2,975 (2nd) 6.2%
McDonald County 190 (1st) 3,432 (1st) 5.5%
Reeds Spring 90 (9th) 1,693 (8th) 5.316%
Aurora 96 (6th) 1,807 (6th) 5.312%
Cassville 84 (10th) 1,744 (7th) 4.8%
Monett 104 (4th) 2,236 (5th) 4.6%
Nevada 94 (7th) 2,287 (3rd) 4.1%
Hollister 53 (11th) 1,317 (12th) 4%
Rogersville 93 (8th) 2,384 (4th) 3.9%
Lamar  40 (12th) 1,189 (13th) 3.3%
East Newton 40 (12th) 1,411 (12th) 2.8%


The Board heard a report on the possibility of beginning a School Board Student Advisory Program in collaboration with the MVHS Student Council. 

  • A program of this nature also grew out of conversations surrounding our CSIP process to enhance the connection between the School Board, Administration, and our students. 
  • The Board Student Advisor would attend all School Board meetings engaging in training and conversations with administrators and board members as well as their student peers to help provide student perspective on major decisions before the Board. 
  • This is a program currently in an investigative stage with an eye toward possible implementation next school year.

The Board approved a relationship with Infinite Campus as the District’s new student information system provider in the 23-24 school year.   

  • The District has been a long-time partner with Tyler Technologies for our Student Information System needs but Tyler is discontinuing their support for K-12 clients necessitating a move to a new provider. 
  • Plans are to begin training with Infinite Campus as soon as possible with full implementation by August 2023.

As part of a revised Board Policy governing curriculum development approved last month, the Board approved a Curriculum Review Cycle through the year 2032. 

  • Please see the attached document for additional information.

The Board approved the addition of Computer Information Sciences II as a new course at the high school as part of a growing demand among students for this program.


In Closed Executive Session:


Lynne Cowherd was approved for the vacant English Language Arts position at the High School.

  • Mrs. Cowherd returns to MVHS after one year of absence. 
  • Previous to this year she had been an ELA teacher for 5 years at MVHS.
  • This is to replace Tanya Hannaford who announced her retirement in August.

The Board received information on several personnel shifts and resignations:


Casey Zent has requested to move into the vacant Kindergarten Teaching Position.

  • Mrs. Zent is currently teaching Second Grade.
  • This is the position vacated by the retirement of Lana Bowerman.
  • The District has now posted a Second Grade Teaching Position in place of the currently posted Kindergarten Position.

Whitney Rinker Hayes has submitted a resignation from her ECSE Paraprofessional position at the ELC effective (today) January 20th.

  • Mrs. Hayes joined the District in this role in January 2022.

TJ Hagerman has submitted his resignation from the Girls Golf Head Coach Position.

  • Coach Hagerman has served in this role since 2016.

Khelon Hayes has submitted his resignation from an Assistant Football Coach Position.

  • Coach Hayes has served in this role since 2015.

Matt Schubert has submitted his resignation from the Eighth Grade Girls Basketball Head Coach Position.

  • Coach Schubert has served in this position since 2013.

Marla Stewart has submitted her resignation from the Middle School Volleyball Head Coach Position.

  • Coach Stewart has been a part of MVHS Volleyball since 1997 spending the past 25 years as Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and most recently coaching at the Middle School.

The next scheduled meeting of the Mount Vernon R-V Board of Education will be held on Thursday, February 16 at 7 PM in the District Administration Office Board Room.