June 2023 School Board Meeting

The Board Meeting Schedule for the 2023-2024 Academic Year was approved.  See the attached document for details.


Average Daily Attendance was somewhat lower than expected for the month of May.  ADA was 1,308.97 with an overall attendance percentage of 93.52%. 

  • This was lower than last year and lower than the norm we have seen over the past few months.


In accordance with Board Policy BBE-1, the current members of the Board selected a new member to serve out the remainder of John Rutledge’s term. 

  • Mr. Rutledge resigned from his position on the Board in March.
  • The Board initiated a process to declare a vacancy and solicited applications from patrons interested in completing Mr. Rutledge’s term.
  • Seven community members submitted applications for the Board’s consideration:
    • Andrew Schnake
    • Brian Kyle Daugherty
    • Stacie Scrivner
    • Marla Stewart
    • Bethany Douglas
    • Kriket Riddle
    • Julie Marquis

The Mount Vernon Board of Education is extremely grateful for those who stepped forward to be considered for this position.  Membership on the Board of Education is an act of service to the families of our community and these patrons are to be admired for their willingness to sacrifice their time.


The Board voted to approve Stacie Scrivner as the newest member of the Mount Vernon R-V Board of Education.

  • Mrs. Scrivner, and her husband Kade, have lived in the Mount Vernon community for the past eleven years. 
  • Mrs. Scrivner serves as the Assistant Vice Provost of Advising and Learning Enhancement at the Joplin campus of Kansas City University and was appointed to serve on the Missouri Dental Board by Governor Parson in 2020. 
  • Stacie and Kade have two children attending the Mount Vernon School District.

We are excited to welcome Stacie to the Board and look forward to adding her perspective to the Board.

  • This term expires in the Spring of 2024.

The Board voted to change the length of contract for the MVHS Counseling Office Secretary to a 10.5 month, 196 day contract.

  • The previous contract was a 9-month, 170 day contract.
  • There are many requests for transcripts to be sent on behalf of students requiring the employee filling this position to come in after their contracted time had expired.

The Board approved a restructuring of the coaching alignment for our Track and Field Program.

  • The current Track and Field coaching configuration consists of two head coaches (one boys’ and one girls’) and one assistant coach.
  • The requested change would be as follows:
    • One Head Track and Field Coach 
    • Three Assistants 
  • The goal of this change is to provide more adequate supervision of athletes and more event specific coaching.
    • The average number of participants the past five years is 48.5 with 55 members participating this spring.
    • Mount Vernon had been the only Big 8 Conference school with fewer than four coaches currently on staff.

The Board approved new Salary / Welfare provisions for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.


Although state funding is expected to remain flat for the upcoming year, local revenue did increase for the second consecutive year.  

  • This was due in part to 2023 being a reassessment year for property taxes.
  • The District was also able to free up additional revenue by joining a new health insurance consortium offering the same level of coverage with lower contribution rates.

Below are the highlights of next year’s salary/welfare package:


  • Professional Staff Salary Schedule
    • Movement on Schedules for Experience and/or Education (Approximately 2%)
    • An increase to the base salary of $1,500 moving from $33,500 to $35,000 (+4.48%).
    • Participation in the Teacher Baseline Salary Grant to set minimum salary at $38,000 for those earning less than $38,000.
    • Add $1,250 Below Step 7 in Columns A-C; Below Step 6 in Column D; Below Step 3 in Column E (3.28%)
  • Support Staff Salary Schedule
    • Movement for Experience (0.5% - 1.4%)
    • Increase Base Pay on Support Staff Salary Schedules between 5.73%-5.78%
      • $13.75/hour Custodial Schedule Step 1 (+5.77%)
      • $15.51/hour w/ Degree Step 1 (+5.73%)
      • $14.27/hour w/o Degree Step 1 (5.78%)
  • A 4.5% increase for those not on Salary Schedule
  • Full Coverage of Insurance $5,760 w/ no wellness incentive required
  • Additionally, below are recommendations for salary provisions/policies:
    • Increase mileage reimbursement by $0.05 per mile
      • From $0.55 per mile to $0.60 per mile.
    • Increase meal reimbursements:
      • Lunch:  From $15 to $18
      • Dinner:  From $20 to $25

Facility Rental Rates were kept at the same level.  See attached document for additional information.


In Closed Executive Session:


The Board received the following information:


  • Marc Eilenstein has submitted a letter of retirement effective at the end of June from his position as Assistant Technology Director.
    • Mr. Eilenstein joined the District in 2009 and has served in this role for the past 14 years.
  • Randi Cornell will be moving from her Paraprofessional Position at MVIS to a similar position at the ELC.
  • Kelly Holcomb is moving from her position as MVHS Office Secretary to MVHS Counseling Office Secretary.

The following recommendations were approved by the Board:


  • Joel Barber was approved for a vacant Special Education Paraprofessional Position at MVIS.
    • Mr. Barber served in a similar role as a long-term substitute this spring.
  • Jordan Barber was hired to fill the vacant MVHS Office Secretary Position.
    • Mrs. Barber has been working in Human Resources for Bass Pro Shops and has also served as our Coquettes Coach since 2021.
    • This is to replace Kelly Holcomb who is moving into the MVHS Counseling Office Secretary Position.
  • Laura Hazelton was hired to fill an Assistant Track Position supervising our Girls Track Program.
    • This is part of the restructure approved during open session.
    • The vacancy was created by the resignation of Michelle Rust from the Head Girls Track position last month.
  • Kylie Mareth was hired to serve as the MVHS ISS Supervisor and Attendance Officer.
    • Mrs. Mareth has clerical experience with Freeman Health Systems and experience working with students as a child abuse investigator for the Jasper County Children’s’ Division.
    • This is to replace Chance Cornell who is shifting into a role as coordinator of the JAG Program.
  • Kailee West was approved as a Special Education Paraprofessional at MVES.
    • Ms. West has spent the past four years as a teacher at Great Beginnings Daycare.

The next scheduled meeting of the Mount Vernon R-V Board of Education will be Thursday, July 20 at 7 PM in the District Office Board Room.