About Our District


District Mission Statement

The mission of the Mount Vernon R-V School District is educating and equipping each student for a meaningful future. 


District Vision Statement

The Mount Vernon R-V School District will produce graduates with an enduring passion for the pursuit of knowledge by promoting diverse, challenging, relevant, and innovative learning experiences while embracing community values.


District Values

In pursuit of an excellent educational experience for all students, the Mount Vernon R-V School District believes we can only be at our best when we value:

  • Character -
    • Imparting to students the importance of personal attributes distinguished by high moral standards and a decision-making process driven by integrity which fosters trust between the District and its stakeholders.
  • Compassion -
    • Acknowledging that all individuals come from diverse backgrounds with unique circumstances and connecting with all stakeholders in caring and respectful relationships.
  • Community -
    • A relationship of support between the school district and the community driven by mutual pride in the successes of students and alumni.
  • Determination -
    • Fostering a spirit of resolve to continue the pursuit of success in the face of adversity.
  • Preparedness -
    • Providing the skills vital for students to achieve both present and future success by assuring that staff have the proficiency and resources necessary to impart challenging learning experiences.
  • Wellness -
    • Nurturing an environment that prioritizes physical safety along with the mental and emotional health of all stakeholders.


About Our District

The Mount Vernon R-V District includes five school campuses - an early learning center, elementary school, intermediate school, middle school and high school. Two state colleges, as well as several private colleges are within 40 miles. The public library, located at 206 West Water Street, is part of a two-county library system that provides extensive services and houses the Lawrence County Historical Society's genealogy collection.

The Mount Vernon R-V School District serves over 1400 students. The Mount Vernon Early Learning Center serves students aged 3-4 years old; Mount Vernon Elementary School includes grades K-2; Mount Vernon Intermediate School includes grades 3-5; Mount Vernon Middle School includes grades 6-8; Mount Vernon High School includes grades 9-12. 

The District has an active Parents as Teachers program for parents with children from infant to age three and a brand new Early Learning Center serving preschool aged students north of the Elementary campus. Call 466-7545 for more information.

Mount Vernon R-V Schools were Accredited with Distinction by Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education each year that category was available.  The only school in the state to achieve such an honor.

The District continues to thrive under new DESE guidelines.  Each year DESE measures District success through the number of points earned out of 140 possible in the 5 categories of:  Academic Achievement, Subgroup Achievement, College and Career Readiness, Attendance, and Graduation Rate

  • In 2014 the District earned 96.1% (134.5 points)
  • In 2015 the District earned 99.6% (139.5 points)
  • In 2016 the District earned 97.1% (136.0 points)
  • In 2017 the District earned 90.4% (126.5 points)
  • In 2018 the District earned 96.7% (116 points out of 120 possible)


Vocational Programs

Vocational education is an essential part of the District's program of studies. The District has thriving Vocational Agriculture (with a newly renovated, state of the art campus), Business, and FACS programs at the High School which have experienced success at the state and national levels in recent years.  Mount Vernon High School also offers an Apprenticeship Program in partnership with area businesses.


Junior and Senior students at MVHS may choose to enroll in vocational classes at the Scott Regional Technical Center in Monett, Missouri. These students learn skills needed on the job and for post-secondary education. The district provides tuition and transportation for students interested in learning a trade while in High School.


Mount Vernon R-V Teachers

All Mount Vernon R-V teachers are certified in their instructional area and are considered highly-qualified by the state of Missouri. Teachers practice differentiated instruction to meet the learning styles of each child.  The District uses the Network for Educator Effectiveness as a teacher evaluation tool which sparks an ongoing conversation between teachers and administrators geared toward continuous instructional improvement. 


District Administration

Mr. Scott Cook



Dr. Garrett Prevo


High School Principal

Mr. Kevin Kultgen


Middle School Principal

Mrs. Sarah Garner


Intermediate School Principal

Mrs. Christina West


Elementary School Principal

Mrs. Natalie Woodbury

Director of Early Learning

Mrs. Liz Elsey


Director of Academic Services

Mr. Jeremy Smith
Director of Student Services 


Community/School Cooperation

Mount Vernon Schools enjoy a wonderful partnership with the community!  Area businesses continuously support the District and our students. 


The Mount Vernon Area Emergency Services for Children (902 McVey Street, Mount Vernon MO 65712) organization provides clothing, local health care, school supplies and many other benefits for students in need.  To support this group or to request assistance contact Judy Baldwin (417-466-3683). 


Many organizations benefit from the work of Booster Clubs.  Band, FFA, and our Athletic Teams each have Booster Organizations.  Contact Chris Johnston Activities Director (417-466-7526) if you have interest in these organizations.


Parent Involvement Opportunities

The District has a very active Parent-Teacher Association which benefits our Elementary and Intermediate students. Many parents and grandparents serve as volunteers in our buildings.  Background checks are required for employees and volunteers to help keep the schools safe.


The District's goal is to keep parents informed about their students. We encourage parents to contact teachers with questions or concerns. Teachers may be reached by phone or e-mail. 


The District has several Social Media accounts to communicate activities and successes:








Mount Vernon R5 School District is part of the Greater Ozarks Cooperating School Districts.
More information can be found at the link below.
Experienced And Reliable Governance
The District’s Board of Education members have served the district in an exemplary manner over a period of many years. In fact, the cumulative years of experience of these board members is over 100 years. In working with outstanding administrators, the board has accomplished its goal of providing a stable, solvent, excellent educational District to serve the community and its students. 
School Safety
The District works diligently to provide a safe environment for its students. Each campus entry was recently renovated to provide upgraded security and the District employs a School Resource Officer to monitor campus safety daily.  
Advanced Course Offerings 
The High School offers many college preperatory courses in math, science, communication arts, as well as advanced courses in business and agriculture. Dual Credit opportunities include :
Crowder College Dual Credit
College Algebra
Missouri State University Dual Credit
Forestry I
Forestry II
Greenhouse I
Greenhouse II
Agriculture Management I
Agriculture Management II
Animal Science I
Animal Science II
Career Development
College English
Advanced Computer Applications
Other advanced classes include:
Advanced Placement Biology
Advanced Placement Chemistry
Math Analysis
Creative Writing
Child Development is an Ozarks Technical Community College articulated course. 
All students are required to complete Algebra I, American Government, Biology, English II, Health, and Personal Finance coursework prior to graduation.
Important Information For Parents
The District participates in Federal Programs and has the following procedure in place for complaints. Any parent or guardian, surrogate parent, teacher, administrator, school board member, or other person directly involved with a Federal Program activity may file a complaint. The written, signed complaint explaining details of the situation must be filed with the superintendent of schools. If you have questions about this policy, feel free to contact the school.
A+ Scholarship Program
Graduates of Mount Vernon High School who meet eligibility requirements may attend any public community college or vocational school in Missouri with tuition and fees common to all students provided for two full years. This program, funded by the state, is subject to annual appropriation by the State of Missouri. To be eligible: students must maintain a 2.5 GPA on a 4 point scale, attend an A+ high school for a minimum of three years, maintain a 95% attendance, complete the FAFSA (Pell Grant), be a good citizen, and tutor/mentor other students for a total of 50 hours.  Contact the program coordinator, Jim Kleine (417-316-7010) for more information.
District Assessment Plan
MAP tests in communication arts and math will be given to grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Science tests will be given to grades 5 and 8.
High school End-of-Course exams are required in certain subjects.  Students will take Algebra I, Biology I, English II and American Government prior to graduation. Additional communication arts, social studies, math and science are also administered as a measure of instructional success. 

School Improvement


The district has a Comprehensive School
Improvement Plan (CSIP) in place to address
our district not meeting adequate progress
(AYP) as established by the federal No Child
Left Behind (NCLB) standards. Based on this
year’s testing, the school district is in school
improvement. As a result of being in Distrtict
Improvement, Level 2, the school will be
taking additional steps in our CSIP to meet the
goals of NCLB. Parents and community representatives
are part of the CSIP Committee and
your support and involvement are vital to our
school improvement efforts.
Parent Involvement Is Encouraged!
The district has many opportunities for parent
involvement. The elementary, intermediate
and middle school PTA’s are active. Grandparents
serve as tutors at the elementary and
approved volunteers are encouraged to assist
at school in a variety of capacities. Background
checks are required for employees
and volunteers to help keep the schools safe.
The high school counselor hosts evening
meetings for parents to assist them with financial
issues relating to college, etc.
Parents are encouraged to attend Open
Houses, Back-to-School Events, school extracurricular
activities and to visit frequently with
teachers and counselors.
We want to keep you informed about what
your child’s teachers expect in school. Feel
free to contact them about any issues regarding
your child. Teachers may be reached by
phone or e-mail. Just call the appropriate
school to schedule an appointment.