September 2023 School Board Meeting

The Mount Vernon R-V Board of Education held its Regular Meeting on Thursday, September 21. 
The Board was pleased to recognize the first co-winners of the MV-MVP monthly award.  This month's recipients were Sue Barb (Data Coordinator) and Ammie Rinker (Student Information Systems Coordinator). 
  • Sue and Ammie have worked very hard to make the transition from Tyler to Infinite Campus as smooth as possible. 
  • This has required a lot of extra effort and work and the District is very thankful to have them leading the charge. 
  • Below is text from some of their nominations:
Ammie has spent countless hours working on making sure our new system was ready and answering all of our questions. She worked all summer on it, tons of zoom meetings and discussions
Sue has been incredibly helpful to ensure data that was needed from Tyler SIS was moved over or found ways to compile and save that information, so that it would not be lost. 
Ammie is the reason I am figuring out anything in this new system. Without her I would probably be in the fetal position in the corner of my office, no joke! I am super thankful to her as I know it has been difficult and she has had to fix many mistakes.

With the switch to Infinite Campus these two have put in hours of training and dedication. They have cried many tears and persevered. The tears weren't shed for them but for the entire district because they felt the pain for all of us. I cannot imagine what bearing that kind of burden would feel like.
They have both worked so well with each other and everyone else in the district to ensure our needs with the new software were met. 
Congratulations ladies!  Thanks for all you have done during this difficult transition.
One exciting new program that resulted from the CSIP process last year is the addition of a Student-School Board Advisory Team. 
  • Three high school students have taken on the task of reporting monthly to the School Board on their experience as students in Mount Vernon Schools and making sure Board Members are able to hear student perspectives on decisions made at the Board level. 
  • Jaden Wilson provided a back to school report weighing in on various student viewpoints that come with a return from summer break and a change in administration. 
  • The Board was appreciative of Jaden and is excited about the new information the program will bring.
Each year a report is given on District enrollment on the Tuesday after Labor Day
  • This provides a consistent snapshot of data to measure the number of student served by the District.
  • The District gained 9 students from this time last year and enrollment stands at 1,454.
  • This was our third consecutive year of growth and marks our largest enrollment on this date since 2014-15.
  • We are serving 86 (not included in the above total) students in our Early Childhood Program (combined ECSE and ADA) and that number traditionally grows as the year progresses.
  • Please see the attached file for a breakdown of grade level cohort sizes.
An update was provided on Senate Bill 190 which was passed by the Legislature last spring and signed into law by Governor Parson over the summer.
  • SB 190 modifies provisions relating to tax relief for senior citizens.
  • It authorizes the County Commissioners to grant a property tax credit on real property for those who are eligible for Social Security retirement benefits.
  • Local revenue accounts for 45% of the total revenue received by the District and taxes on real property makes up 71% of that total.
    • This means the implications of SB 190 and its implementation could have an impact on the largest source of District revenue.
    • The Board and administration will continue to work with County leadership and other entities funded by property tax to remain informed of potential implementation of this legislation.
Mrs. Olinger, and some of her students, presented a request for approval of a trip to New York City from students in the MVHS Advanced Drama class.
  • The Board approved the trip which is scheduled to take place between May 23 and May 28 and will provide an opportunity for students to see behind the scenes of Broadway productions as well as exploring notable attractions in New York City.
Ms. Hansen was present to request approval of a Middle School trip to Washington D.C. scheduled for July 2025.
  • Ms. Hansen brought a student and parent along who shared the positive experience they had in participating this past summer.
  • The trip was approved, and Ms. Hansen will pass the baton to Mr. Koenig who will supervise the 2025 trip as a result of her retirement this coming spring.
The Board received the first of several upcoming updates regarding the the District's CSIP plan developed last year.
  • MSIP 6 requires the Board to be informed of progress towards goals included in the CSIP.
  • This month's report included progress already made toward implementation of some of the action steps included in the plan.
  • Below are the Anchors, Strategic Goals, and Action Plans already in place as proposed in the CSIP:
    • Distinction in Student Performance
    • Strategic Goal #1: At least 60% of students will achieve Proficient/Advanced on all Missouri Assessment Program Assessments.
      • Implement Standards-Aligned progress monitoring tools
      • Provide a Class-Size Reduction Teacher (First Grade)
      • Develop a District Literacy Plan (in progress)
    • Exemplary Professional Staff
    • Strategic Goal #1: Foster a supportive community where educators feel valued.
      • Pursue opportunities to provide flexibility regarding short-term leave days for professional and support staff
      • Board Policies GCBDA & GDBDA changed to allow for the conversion of 5 sick days to 5 personal days.
    • Exemplary Professional Staff
    • Strategic Goal #3: Actively seek high quality educators and provide resources to support their success.
      • Provide easier access to graduate courses at a lower tuition rate including an option for a district-funded graduate degree.
      • The District has formed a partnership with Evangel University to provide a Masters Program at District expense with classes chosen by the District and taught by District Administrators.
    • Collaborative Climate and Culture
    • Strategic Goal #1: To prioritize the communication of the mission and vision of Mount Vernon R-V School District to all stakeholders.
      • Appointment of Student-School Board Advisors
      • Create Staff Leadership Teams where they were not already in place.
    • Collaborative Climate and Culture
    • Strategic Goal #2: To provide emotional health support and services to Mount Vernon R-V School District staff and students.
      • Explore the possibility of hiring a School Care Coordinator 
      • Made possible by a grant, this has been in place since March 2023
    • Operational Effectiveness and Facility Maintenance and Enhancement
    • Strategic Goal #1: To provide additional measures at each campus for the physical safety of students and staff.
      • Establish a district-wide Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) (in progress)
The Board considered and approved updates recommended by MSBA to seven policies; one Procedure; and six fprms.
Finally, the Board approved the Budget Document for the 2023-2024 Academic Year.
  • Some of the major contributing factors for this year's budget were:
    • The Weighted-Average-Daily Attendance used for state formula payments is from FY 19/20.  
      • Typically we would not be able to count WADA from that year.  
      • However, state statute allows for this exception due to attendance impacts caused by the pandemic.
      • Membership and Average Daily Attendance were higher in 22/23 than in 19/20.  
      • However, a lower free and reduced lunch count and a lower IEP count resulted in a lesser WADA.
    • The District had a 10.51% increase in Assessed Valuation.
    • The District entered into a partnership with Show-Me Benefits as a new provider of employee health care coverage.
      • This resulted in a savings of $86,712 with additional savings for retirees and employees covering insurance costs for their families.
    • The state budget included full transportation funding for the second consecutive year after 30 years of partial funding.
    • The state budget included funding for Career Ladder for the second consecutive year.  
      • The state portion of Career Ladder is intended to fund 60% of the program with the remaining 40% of funds coming from local revenue.  
    • The state budget included the Teacher Baseline Salary Grant and the District is participating for the second consecutive year.  
      • The purpose is to provide funds to ensure all teachers earn a minimum of $38,000 annually.  
      • This year the state is fully funding the amount needed to achieve $38,000 and all additional associated costs.  
      • The District has 29 teachers who qualified for this grant.  
    • The base salary on the Professional Staff Salary Schedule was increased to $35,000 as part of a phase-in approach to achieve a $38,000 base in the next three years.  
    • The Custodial column on the Support Staff Salary Schedule was increased by $0.75 per hour with a goal of reaching $15 per hour in the next three years.
    • The local Operating Levy is $2.75 and which has been our rate since 1999-2000.  
      • Our Operating Levy is set at the lowest allowable rate under the Missouri Constitution.
  • In consideration of these factors, the 23/24 Budget includes:
    • An allowance for incremental movement based on experience and additional education.
    • Participation in the Teacher Baseline Salary Grant to set minimum salary at $38,000 (base salary moved to $35,000)
    • An increase of $1,250 to all Professional Salary Schedule steps not subject to the Teacher Baseline Salary Grant.
    • An increase the base salary on the Custodial Salary Schedule to $13.75/hour (5.77% increase for 22/23; 35% increase over past eight years).
    • An average 5.755% increase on other Support Staff Salary Schedules
    • A 4.5% increase for employees not on a Salary Schedule
    • Funding for health insurance premiums at $480 Per Employee/Per Month for all full-time employees.
    • Funding for the Career Ladder Program for teachers with three or more years of Missouri teaching experience who provide student tutoring, virtual education support, and other approved activities which extend beyond contractual duties.
In Closed Executive Session:
Jim Kleine has announced his intention to retire effective June 30, 2024.
  • Mr. Kleine joined the District in August 2000 and has spent the last 24 years at MVHS in the ISS Supervisor Position and a Physical Education teacher.
  • Mr. Kleine has also held several head and assistant coaching positions in his time with the District.
  • Mr. Kleine spent two years teaching in Pierce City prior to joining the staff at MVHS.
The Board approved:
  • Jeremy Braun for the vacant High School Football Assistant Position.
    • Mr. Braun was approved as a volunteer assistant coach in July 
    • This position has been vacant since the resignation of Khelon Hayes last spring.
  • Jeremy Braun was also approved for the new High School Assistant Track Position.
    • This position was approved in June.
  • Kylie Mareth for the vacant Middle School Girls Track Position.
  • Joel Barber as a volunteer Assistant for the Boys Basketball program.
The next scheduled meeting of the Mount Vernon R-V Board of Education will be held on Thursday, October 19 at 7 PM in the District Administration Office Board Room.

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