November 2023 School Board Meeting Report

The Mount Vernon R-V Board of Education held its Regular Meeting on Thursday, November 16.  Below are some items of interest:


Anna Barehead was recognized as the MV-MVP for the month of November. 

  • Mrs. Barehead started the year as a paraprofessional at the Elementary School. 
  • As the year progressed, it became apparent that the Special Education Department at MVES could really benefit from the addition of another classroom. 
  • Mrs. Barehead stepped up to the challenge to seek certification and take on the responsibilities of creating a classroom.
  • The nominating colleague described Anna in this way:

Mrs. Barehead has stepped up in a new role, moving into the classroom unexpectedly, and has been a champion for our students. She has shown determination and commitment to our school and children.


Anna is relentlessly optimistic and sees the potential in every student. She takes time to see a child and take all of their strengths and challenges into consideration. She is also incredibly encouraging and supportive to the team members in our classroom to make sure we have the resources and support we need.


Mrs. Barehead not only filled a role, but created an entirely new class. Because the school year was already underway, it is easy to forget about the hard work she put in to shift gears and make our classroom a success. She deserves recognition and respect for taking on so much responsibility and thriving under pressure. She has developed curriculum, curated a classroom, and changed her entire career trajectory. She has also become a friend and mentor to her colleagues. We always know we can rely on her to be available, even in times of chaos.


Congratulations to Anna Barehead!  Thanks for making it a Great Day to be a Mt’Neer!


MVHS Junior Natalie Barker presented on behalf of the Student Board Advisory Team. 

  • Ms. Barker commented to the Board on the positive atmosphere at the high school for the start of this school year. 
  • Specifically, Natalie shared that the new Multimedia Class at MVHS was building morale by celebrating all types of activities in a fun and positive way which has contributed to a great environment for the first semester.

The District’s attendance rate for the second full month of school was 94.45% and our Average Daily Attendance for seated students was 1,356.73 students which is an increase of 1.38 from this time last year. 


The filing period for the April 2, 2024 General Municipal Election begins December 5, 2023 (8 AM) and ends December 26, 2023 (5 PM).

  • Mount Vernon R-V will elect two members for three-year terms. The terms of Danny Bowling and Stacie Scrivner expire this April.

Coach Mike Ray from the Boys’ Basketball Program and Dusty Killingsworth from the Girls’ Basketball Program were present to report on their upcoming seasons.


Senate Bill 681, passed by the state legislature in 2022, set forth several requirements to be met by school districts in regards to reading intervention.

  • Under this legislation, Districts are required to establish a comprehensive system of services for reading instruction. 
  • Over the past few months, Mrs. Garner, Mrs. West and Mrs. Elsey have been working diligently in partnership with teachers to create a District Literacy Plan.
  • The Board approved the new Literacy Plan. 
  • One aspect of the Literacy Plan is the requirement that any student who is one or more grade levels behind in reading or reading readiness will be placed on a Reading Success Plan (RSP) with those plans following students until they are caught up to their grade level.

The Board approved curriculum related to a new course at the Middle School called Introduction to Desktop Publishing and Multimedia to be available for students starting in January.


Finally, the Board approved two resolutions related to replacement of the synthetic turf at Mountaineer Stadium. 

  • The complex opened in 2013 and the Mt’Neers just completed the tenth season at the facility. 
  • The synthetic turf is showing its age. 
  • Typically these surfaces last for ten to twelve years at best with the primary threat to their lifespan being constant exposure to UV rays.
  • Over the past couple of weeks, the District has formed partnerships with eight area businesses to help defray the cost of turf replacement. 
  • The business have agreed to become financial partners with the District to include an advertisement on the field and sidelines.
  • Ultimately, the goal of this project is to provide the needed upkeep at the stadium complex using as little public money as possible. 

The Board approved contract language between the area businesses and and the District as well as authorizing the issuance of a Request for Proposal seeking vendors to replace the turf as soon as this summer.  

  • More advertising opportunties on the turf are available.
  • Interested parties should contact Mr. Cook at the District Office by email or at 417-466-7573.

In Closed Executive Session:


The board approved Alyssa Canady to fill the vacant Middle School Cheerleading Coach Position.


The next regular meeting of the Mount Vernon R-V Board of Education is scheduled for Thursday, December 14 at 7 PM in the District Administration Office Board Room.