April 2024 School Board Meeting

The April meeting is traditionally held on a Tuesday in order to comply with the requirement to reorganize within 14 days of the General Municipal Election.  This year, the District was not required to hold an election as the number of candidates who registered was equal to the number of positions available.  Danny Bowling and Stacie Scrivner were elected to three year terms expiring in the spring of 2027.

The newly re-elected members were administered the oath of office and the Board elected the slate of officers below:

President Danny Bowling

Vice President Nathan Schoen

Secretary Steve Wendler

Treasurer Jeremy Pendleton

Assistant Treasurer Kerry Hodgson

MSBA Delegate Kerry Hodgson

MSBA Alternate Delegate Stacie Scrivner 

The Board recognized the MV-MVP honorees for the months of April and May.  

MVIS Third Grade Teacher Tammy Brashers was the MV-MVP recipient for the month of April.  Below is a portion of the nomination:

Tammy Brashers exemplifies the spirit of lifelong learning and dedication to her craft as an educator. With 32 years of teaching experience under her belt, she continues to seek out  opportunities for growth and improvement.

Mrs. Brashers' approach to her career is truly commendable. Her commitment to maintaining a positive attitude is not only a testament to her resilience but also to her dedication to the profession.

Tammy's presence in the hallways, where she shares laughter and words of encouragement with colleagues, highlights her ability to uplift others even on challenging days. 

MVHS Teacher Nick Swillum was honored as MV-MVP for the month of May.  Below is a portion of his nomination:

Coach Swillum has built a well-respected baseball program for the past 29 years. He brings excellence to everything he touches...whether it is in the classroom or on the field. He is a great role model to his athletes. He is intentional about not only coaching baseball but teaching life-lessons that his athletes will draw upon throughout their lives. 

Coach Swillum fosters community and teamwork wherever he serves. He is a strong and steady presence in the school district. He always has a positive attitude and steps in where he is needed. Many look to him for wisdom and guidance through his many years of experience.

Congratulations to these two veteran Mt’Neers!  Thank you for your dedication to the students of Mount Vernon!

The Board was happy to recognize some outstanding students from MVIS.  During the Second Quarter MVIS started a Reading Challenge with a goal to read 10 million words as a school. 

  • The school surpassed their goal, collectively reading an impressive 20,791,531 words!
  • MVIS continues to surpass the goals set each quarter, last quarter the students read 14,818,763 words.

The Board was  thrilled to recognize the outstanding achievements of several students who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the school-wide Reading Challenge.

The following students met the individual challenge of reading One Million Words:  

  • Mason German
  • Ayla Nelson
  • Jase Norris
  • Melanie Peterson
  • Emma Rice

The average, seated, daily attendance for March was 1,328.33 and the overall percentage of attendance was 93.13%.  

  • This was an increase of 5.81 students from this time last year and is the highest seated ADA in March since 2018.

The Board approved a new English Language Arts curriculum for grades Kindergarten through 5 to be implemented in the 2024-2025 Academic Year.

  • The Board chose to partner with McGraw Hill to use the Wonders ELA Curriculum.
  • Selection of this program was part of a long process involving the entire teaching staff, a smaller selection committee, and included input from a group of community members.
  • The Board is excited to see the positive student outcomes that will result from these new resources!

The Board approved the inclusion of an Honors Algebra II course at MVHS.

The Board approved the Career Ladder Plan for the 2024-2025 school year.  

  • The District is required to submit an approved plan by the end of April.
  • The full plan with highlighted changes is attached to this post.

The Board approved a continuation of the District’s partnership with Scott Regional Technology Center in Monett.

  • An average of 30 MVHS students attended Scott Tech this year and 41 students are currently enrolled for next year.

The Board approved membership in the Missouri School Board Association for the 2024-2025 school year.

  • In addition to full maintenance of our Board Policies, MSBA provides the following services:
    • Legislative Advocacy
    • Assistance with obtaining the Local Tax Effort from other Missouri School Districts.
      • Missouri State Statute Section 167.126, RSMo, allows a school district providing education services to a student who resides in another district but was placed in the district by:
        • the Department of Mental Health, Department of Social Services, 
        • a court of competent jurisdiction, 
        • or other placements as guaranteed by law, 
      • To bill the district of residence an amount equal to the average sum produced per child by the local tax effort of the district of domicile.
      • MSBA assists us in billing Districts who have students attending school in Mount Vernon due to placement by one of the agencies listed above.
    • Professional Development for the Board in the Form of Meetings and the Annual Conference
    • Professional Development for Board Secretary
    • Assistance with obtaining Public Placement Funding
      • The Public Placement Fund is reimbursement for educating both IEP and non-IEP students placed within a non-domicile LEA by:
        • the Children’s Division (CD), 
        • the Department of Mental Health (DMH), 
        • the Division of Youth Services (DYS), or 
        • a Court of Competent Jurisdiction. 
      • Funding is available when the educational costs of these students exceed the revenues received by the serving LEA.
      • MSBA assists us in billing Districts who have students attending school in Mount Vernon due to placement by one of the agencies listed above.
    • Required Board Trainings
    • Assistance with School District Administrative Claiming
      • The purpose of administrative claiming is to form a partnership between the DSS, MHD, and individual school districts to share in the responsibility for promoting access to health care for students in the school system. 
      • Many of the activities performed by school district staff meet the claimable criteria for MHD administrative claiming. 
      • The primary purpose of administrative claiming is to reimburse school districts for these activities.
      • The District receives reimbursement in two ways:
        • We can get direct reimbursement for students that we have been given consent to claim for.  
        • We also get "cost settlement" which is an amount that covers what we might have received if we had been able to claim for the students.  
      • MSBA assists us by facilitating this very complicated process. 
    • School Safety Guidance and Funding

The Board approved several updates submitted by MSBA.

  • All the submitted revisions were centered around clarifying the presence of marijuana on campus as well as the illegal nature of entering any school campus under the influence of marijuana.
  • These policy changes were recommended in light of the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2022.
  • Eight Policies:
    • GBEBA (Drug-Free Workplace)
    • GBEBB (Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing)
    • JFCH (Student Alcohol and Drug Use)
    • JFCI-2 (Student Alcohol and Drug Testing)
    • JFG (Searches of Students)
    • JG-R1 (Student Discipline)
    • JHCD (Administration of Medications to Students)
    • KK (Visitors to District Property and Events)
  • Six Procedures
    • GBEBB-AP1 (Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing – Non-Drivers)
    • GBEBB-AP2 (Employee Alcohol and Drug Testing – For Drivers)
    • JFCI-AP1 (Student Alcohol and Drug Testing)
    • JHCD-AP2 (Administration of Medication to Students – Self-Administration of Medication)
    • KG-AP1 (Community Use of District Facilities)
    • KK-AP1 (Visitors to District Property and Events – Public Conduct on District Property)
  • Two Forms
    • GBEBA-AF1 (Drug-Free Workplace)
    • JFCI-AF1 (Student Alcohol and Drug Testing – Random Testing Consent Form)

In Closed Executive Session:

The following personnel information was shared with the Board:

Ethan Trokey is resigning from his position as a Math Teacher and Head Track Coach at MVHS at the end of the 2023-2024 academic year.

  • Mr. Trokey joined the District in 2012 and has spent the past twelve and a half years teaching Math and coaching several sports at MVHS.
  • Mr. Trokey has been hired as a principal at East Newton Junior High for next year.

Sophia Goddard is resigning from her position as a Special Education Paraprofessional at MVIS effective at the end of the 2023-2024 academic year.

  • Mrs. Goddard joined the District in 2022.
  • She received a teaching position in the Stockton School District.

Camron Brewer will be moving to the vacant Special Education Position at MVHS.

  • This position became available with the resignation of Eric Ireland in March.

A plan has been formulated to divide the Speech & Debate Position from the Theater Position for next year.

  • Brooke Olinger resigned from the dual position in March.
  • Laura Hazelton has agreed to take on two hours of Theater Classes at MVHS and serve as the Drama Club Sponsor.
  • Ms. Hazelton will continue teaching Special Education courses at MVMS the remainder of the day.
  • A candidate to replace Speech and Debate duties is included in the new hires listed below.

The Board approved the following personnel recommendations:

Karissa St. Clair is resigning from her contract for next year.

  • Ms. St. Clair was hired to serve as the Secondary Process Coordinator for the 2024-25 school year.

McKenzie (Moreland) Beckwith was approved for the vacant Secondary Process Coordinator and 504 Coordinator Position.

  • Mrs. Beckwith has spent seven years teaching Special Education in Monett and Liberty School Districts.
  • This is to replace Karissa St. Clair who is resigning and moving to another state.

Jacee Simons was approved for a combined Speech/Debate and English Language Arts Position.

  • Ms. Simons is graduating from Oklahoma Christian University with a degree in English Education.
  • She is finishing up a Student-Teaching Experience in the Deer Creek School District (Edmond, OK).
  • Ms. Simons will be teaching ELA as well as teaching and sponsoring Speech and Debate.

Michael Solak was approved for the vacant Social Studies Position at MVMS.

  • Mr. Solak completed student-teaching at Carthage and Mount Vernon this year.
  • This is to replace Kelley Beckner who will be moving into the Activities Director Position at MVHS next year.

Ashton Botts was approved for the vacant position of Middle School Activities Director.

  • Mrs. Botts joined the District in 2019 and is currently teaching Science at MVMS.

Joseph (Blake) Adelman was approved for the vacant Social Studies Position at MVHS.

  • In addition to his teaching duties, Mr. Adelman will also assume Assistant Football and Assistant Boys’ Basketball Coaching roles.
  • Mr. Adelman has one year of experience teaching and coaching at Lamar.
  • This is to replace Mike Ray who accepted an administrative position in East Newton for next year.

Joel Barber was approved for the vacant Freshmen Boys’ Basketball Position.

Brian Moore was approved for the vacant Custodian Position at MVES.

  • Mr. Moore is an MVHS Alumni who has experience as a facility maintenance worker for Digital Monitoring Products and Tyson over the past 11 years.
  • This is to replace Karley Koster who resigned from the position in March.

The next scheduled meeting of the Mount Vernon R-V Board of Education will be Thursday, May 16 at 7 PM in the District Office Board Room.